Month: April 2016

Custom Sliding Window

Yet another window made to a client for fishing boats.

Window Systems All Custom Made.

Fixed Windows Can be made in custom sizes to fit your custom needs.

The AMERICAN Marine Series fixed windows provides a leak-proof unit for use in almost any conditions. The framing
is offered in a variety of finishes and is designed to accommodate 3/16″, thru 2″ thick glazing. 3/16″ glass is
recommended for use only in smaller windows. Forward facing or larger windows typically use 1/4″ glass. For
vessels subject to severe weather conditions, 3/8″ glass can be specified.

However We Also Fabricate for The US Coast Guard and can make windows with up to 2″ Glass if required.

We provide Windows also with the Clear View System up to 370mm.


Custom Made Window

Here we have a custom made hinged window for a 42′ boat.


Feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.