Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

The American Series 2-track sliding window is ideal for use in side and aft bulkhead areas where ventilation is desired. These easy-to-operate, weathertight units are available in both horizontally and vertically sliding configurations; vertical sliders can be provided as either half-drop ,Full drop , or half-raise. The framing is finished to preference and glazed with ¼” to ½ ” tempered glass.

Our Wedge-Lock divider strip provides a weathertight seal between the glass lites. This interlocking design, combined with a silicone wiper blade, prevents water intrusion during washdown or when encountering severe conditions. In addition, the high dam on the lower inside face of the frame diverts water down to the track and out through drain slots on the lower outside face of the frame.
Horizontally sliding windows are fitted with a Aluminum latch system.

Screens (Optional)
Screens are manufactured using solid aluminum extrusions and black woven fiberglass screening. In horizontal sliders, screens are most commonly installed in the aft end of the outboard track. In effect, this pins the forward glass closed. The screens are removable and, upon removal, the forward glass will slide. Half-drop slider screens are attached to the outside face of the framing; half-raise sliders have screens attached to the inside face of the framing.

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